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We are Tunacats. A bunch of game developers in love with games and... cats.

        Francys is the Game Director and Narrative Designer for Mastery. She's a GSAS (Games, Simulation Arts and Sciences) sophomore at RPI, and won the gold medal in the GDC Game Narrative Analysis Competition in 2017. She loves creating new stories and challenging new things. And of course, she loves cats, too.

Fanghong Dong

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       Kirsten is the Lead Programmer for Mastery and a recipient of the Unity Student Scholarship for GDC 2018. She is a second-year Computer Science & Games, Simulation, Arts and Sciences Dual Major at RPI. As a programmer and artist, she is invariably torn between her technical and creative studies. Also, she thinks cats are cool.

Kirsten Pilla

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    Adrianna is the Art Director for Mastery. She loves cats, wikipedia races, and the colors pink and red. In her free time she's usually drawing, playing the piano, writing or 3D modeling. She is mainly focused on character design, but enjoys animating on the side as well.

Adrianna Oropello

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     Yihui is the Composer and Sound Designer for Mastery. As a Chinese composer and a concert pianist, she is a grad from the Juilliard School and Oberlin Conservatory, and is currently pursuing Ph.D. degree at UC Irvine. She loves electronic dance music, horror movie, and Japanese anime.

Yihui Liu

     Cinzia is the Environment Artist for Mastery. She is a graduate student in Academy of Art University majoring in visual development. Besides environment design, she can also do character design, props design and cinematic moments. She likes reading comics, watching animation and playing video games in her spare time.

Chujia Yuan

        Lion is a programmer for Mastery, who is in charge of enemy implementing and the camera movement. He is a second-year GSAS (Games, Simulation Arts and Sciences) and Computer Science dual major student at RPI. He is a passionate gamer, who also has a strong interest in game developing.

Hongyang Lin

     Icey is a programmer for Mastery. She is a second-year Computer Sicence and Math dual major student at RPI. She likes playing games and is interested in game making. Well met!

Beiqi Zou

        Eve is the UI Designer and Sound Designer for Mastery. She studys in UI/UX design and human-computer interaction in RPI and lives as an independent deisgner. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Yueqing Dai

     "Hi I'm Pranav. I like to do funny voices, sometimes. Specifically, I voice the Young Master and painfully scream whenever you get hit."

-- Pranav Suppal

Pranav Suppal

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